Mare R43

Price (base model): 4750 EUR (with VAT 20%)


Technical characteristics


GRP hull, PVC tube




4,60 m


2,00 m

Tube diameter:

0,45 m

Number of chambers:

4 tk

Pontoon working preassure at 20° C:

0,25 bar

Draft (without engine):

0,18 m

Boat weight (netto):

180 kg

Boat weight (ready to use):

320 kg

Load capacity:

540 kg

Max. engine power:

68 kW/ 90 hj

Max. engine weight:

140 kg

Person capacity:

up to 6 persons


Small RIB class boat. The model consists of four chamber inflatable pontoon and a fiberglass hull, representing a robust design. This is a hardy and practical boat, that behaves perfectly on the water and has increased wear resistance.

Trimaranic body shapes provide increased static stability compared to analog boats.

It can be used as a “tender” ie auxiliary boat on bigger yachts and ships. Popular among fishermen and hunters.


  1. Unsinkability. Maximum safety and structural rigidity is ensured by filling the body with closed cell polyurethane foam. This ensures the unsinkability of the boat in the event of damage to all of the cylinder tubes and the hull.
  2. A special seal at the junction of the cylinder with the hull prevents the ingress of dirt and foreign objects between the plastic of the hull and the pontoon.

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