Mare R75

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Technical characteristics


GRP hull, PVC tube




7,45 m


2,6 m

Tube diameter:

0,47/0,58 m

Number of chambers:

Pontoon working preassure at 20° C:

0,25-0,35 bar

Draft (without engine):

0,53 m

Boat weight (netto):

630 kg

Boat weight (ready to use):

1120 kg

Load capacity:

1740 kg

Max. engine power:

186 kW/ 250hp

Engine (1/2) leg length


Person capacity:

up to 12 persons (directive 94/25 EU)

Deep V shaped hull

25 degrees

Fuel tank 



High-speed, seaworthy, universal, light weight RIB MARE R75.

Inflatable pontoon provides safety and stability during sea voyage and the boats hull ensures great seaworthiness.

MARE R75 has good stability due to the relatively low center of gravity and increased waterline length . In the planing mode the pontoon does not touch the water, thereby providing a small wetted surface and accordingly a sharp decrease in friction resistance. When not on plane or stopped the pontoon rests on water which makes it easy to lift objects and scuba divers out of the water.

Inflatable pontoons are divided into 4 sections. Pontoons protect the hull of the boat from damage in case of collisions with floating objects, when mooring other vessels and piers that do not have special fenders. In addition, the pontoon allows you to tightly attract the boat to the pier, which improves the safety of boarding and disembarking passengers.

R75s good stability is important for seafarers who do not have much experience in driving on water and for passengers comfortable sea journeys.

R75 has moderate weight and therefore can be easily taken out of the water on to a boat trailer along a slipway. R75 is road trailable/legal with inflated pontoons.

The boat has a self-draining deck, the level of which is above the level of the waterline, even when fully loaded and the fuel tank is full.

The bow of the boat below the waterline is filled with foamed polyurethane, which provides increased rigidity and prevents the penetration of water into the hull even in the event of severe damage.

All communications and wiring are hidden into a special tunnel under the deck and do not take away the deck space.

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