Method of production and materials

Method of production:

Mareplast manufactures fiberglass boats by using hand lay-up techniques. Hull and deck have sandwich structure.


Gelcoat – modified gelcoat based on isoftalic polyester resin gives the boat good weather resistance and very low water absorption

Resin – isoftalic polyester resin has excellent mechanical properties (i.e. strength), chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and water resistance.

Foam – low density, two component, closed-cell, rigid foam TRIPOR 227 is used for structural infill of fiberglass components. It gives low weight, excellent strength and makes the hull unsinkable.    

Honeycomb core – is used to achieve high stiffness/strength and low weight in order to maximize buoyancy so that boat’s speed can be increased and fuel consumption minimized. 

PVC material – inflatable tubes are produced with VALMEX® fabric – a high-quality material that is very elastic, unsusceptible against mechanical damages, airtight, watertight, extremely temperature resistant and dirt resistant. 

E-glass fiber – depending on number of layers and orientation of the fibers it is possible to divide multiaxial fabrics into following categories:

Uniaxial or unidirectional






Advantages of multiaxial fabrics over traditional woven fabrics and mats:

  • Reinforcement of composite materials in different directions
  • Resin  consumption 20-30% less
  • Weight of end product up to 50% less
  • Reduced number of fabric layers in manufacturing and optimization of production process
  • Twice higher mechanical strength
  • Smooth laminate surface